The early years (1988-1990)

Where we learned what is mostly going wrong or missing in programs for traders

In 1990, when a management consultant for Generale Bank NV came to the conclusion that there should be a period of non-recruitment, Stefan Schippers decided to create his own outsourcing firm, Business Economy Engineering Projects cvba or B.E.E.P.

His first assignment was to guarantee the quality of in house developed software not only by testing it, but also to bring up the necessary idea's to improve the front-office desktop interface. Later on, more analyst functions would be added to his functions.

The functional years (1990-1995)

Where we learned HOW traders should work!

It was in this period that Claude Vanparys, another young management consultant joined B.E.E.P. to serve non-banking clients. This was a turbulent period with a steep learning curve due to unconventional cross-business way of thinking. As a very small service firm, we learned the importance of giving a high-quality service to any intervenient in the process, far away from internal politics, which could be in the way of normal business logic. It is also this period in which B.E.E.P. would attract some more highly qualified professionals to support the service idea.

The HELP DESK years (1995 - 1998)

Where we learned how traders REALLY work !

After several years of experience in developing trader programs, Stefan was ready to go back to his favourite habitat: the “new” dealing room. This was also the beginning for the expansion of B.E.E.P. cvba. Pascal Warmoes joined B.E.E.P. cvba to join the support desk of the Asset Management Department of G-Bank. Some others came, but left soon, as the banking environment was not their cup of tea. In 1998 Willy Doolaege arrived at B.E.E.P. cvba and he came to stay!

In 1997 B.E.E.P. cvba split into a banking and non-banking service firm. The banking part kept the name B.E.E.P. cvba and would specialise in trading room services, from the technical to the functional side of it.

The Market Data years (1998 -2004)

Where we learned the traders were easy customers and should be protected from nice sales women.

The Electronic Trading years (1998 -2004)

Where we learned the traders were not the same anymore as those of the movie "Wall Street".

Slowly but surely the content of the assignment changed. As the dealing grew bigger and bigger, some other issues became more important, and became priority in the difficult years after 9/11. These difficult years appears later to be the start of a complete new era: the internet bubble bursted, but not all went to the waste basket.

Creating expertise in the trading room environment is not an easy assignment. It took years of working, talking and learning with traders, management and colleagues. But B.E.E.P. does more. Colloquia, seminars and training programs, as well local as in London , New York etc , keep the professionalism of the B.E.E.P. members up to date.

On top of all this B.E.E.P. can always count on the worldwide expertise of related minds as MADURA ASSOCIATES Inc. (MAI) and MARKET DATA SERVICES Ltd. (MDSL) with whom commercial and friendly associations are set up.

Restart as a Trading Room Service firm (Sep 2004 – now)

Where we learned how hard it is to get good trading room experience!

With 15 years experience in different support functions Stefan left Fortis Bank to give some more attention to the growth of B.E.E.P. cvba. By the end of 2004 the first results of this effort was visible. New clients and new colleagues were and are joining B.E.E.P. on a regular basis. The trading room body shopping service was enforced with recruitment and project based assignments.  Due to black boxes, changing customers, this activity became much smaller as it was before.

Broaden the view - New ventures (2008-now)

 Where we looked for new market and business plans

With the financial giants trembling on their feet, and shrinking trading rooms in Belgium, B.E.E.P. had to repostion again.  We went looking for some new ways to do business, and we decided to invest in promising young companies, which, each in their field could change the way of doing business on a world wide level.

We used our knowledge to advice starting companies with their business plans, and invested in companies like DigiX (Discontinued in 2013), Dispack Projects NV (Dolium.eu, one way kegs) and Cognistreamer NV (Cognistreamer.com) an innovation manangement platform.  

Stefan Schippers,