Downloadable Pamphlets

Map to the B.E.E.P. offices (Pdf Format, 908k)

B.E.E.P. cvba, introduction (Pdf Format, 35k)

B.E.E.P. cvba, Market Data Service (Pdf Format, 45k)

A company update can be downloaded. (pdf format, 27kb) 

Guidelines for CV. (Pdf format, 30k)

Foreign Employees procedure / Information (Pdf format, 108kb)

How to prepare for an interview? (Pdf format, 60k)

You want more info ?

Please contact Stefan Schippers :

B.E.E.P. cvba
Grensstraat 57 Rue de la Limite 
B–1210 Brussels

Mobile: +32 475 41 44 39
Fax: +32 2 219 87 44