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Activity Field

Our services are based on 3 activity fields :

The difference

In these fields we want to make the difference in

because we claim to “Understand Your Business”


Keeping up with the market practices
• by attending the seminars (Trade Tech – SIA NYC)
• by keeping contact with market players Users,developers and vendors
• by selecting the right profiles, combination of technical and financial profiles
(with experience, if possible)
• B.E.E.P. ‘s policy: No job-protection / Information sharing with the client ('s own personnel)

Field of Expertise

Field of expertise (in house):

•  Architecture (Technical & Business): 2
•  Connectivity (client & markets) : 4
•  Market Data & general front office: 1
•  Helpdesk and Application expertise: 2
•  (Technical) Project Management: 1
•  Functional (Midas) Specialist: 1

•  Close connection to several free-lance specialists
•  Continuous contact with professionals who want to move

International expertise & network

•  Contract in the city, Intensive network in London & NYC.
•  Co-operation with Madura Associates (NYC)
•  Co-operation with MDSL Ltd ( UK - NYC – Asia )
•  Knowledge & training politics to keep up.

Market Data Consultancy

In association with

The market data consultancy covers the complete process : strategy, demand management, negotiations with vendors, training and transition project management.

To keep control over the budgets in the future, the implementation of usage software or cost-management software can be managed.  The choice of software is done with the customer's need and scale.

Risk free - for the customer - solutions can be prepared.  The project fee will be a fraction of the cost saving after the end of the project.  Project management will be typical on a day-to-day basis or hourly fee.

In association with MDSL (see also PARTNERS) support and managed services are offered for their products.

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Market Connectivity & STP

The times that the trader only needed a pen and a telephone are long gone.  Electronic markets and exchanges are here to stay.

Having a skilled professional that is able to understand both the technical and functional side and who knows the pitfalls of the different systems is a cost effective strategy. 

This is not only the case for the installation of new systems but also and especially for the support of those systems.

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Application Support

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